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Online Backup
Online BackupHow it Works     

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How EpsysBackup Secure Offsite Backup Works

 How it works

  1. A small program on your computer automatically runs according to a schedule that you set.
  2. New and changed files are encrypted, compressed, and transmitted to the secure Epsys datacenter.
  3. Your encyrpted files are safely stored on the Epsys servers in case of disaster or hardware failure on your computer.

In the event that your hard disk or your computer is damaged or destroyed, your files are safely stored and waiting for you to retrieve them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your files can easily be retrieved by visiting www.epsys-consultants.co.uk.

As your data arrives at our primary secure online storage facility, the data is immediately replicated to our secondary data center. The secondary data center is located in a separate geographic area and contains redundant servers and disk arrays that are standing by 24x7x365 ready to take over the entire EpsysOBS operation in the unlikey event of a diaster at the primary data center. EpsysOBS is not only prepared to help you recover from a data loss, but we are also prepared for any disaster that may strike at one of our data centers.

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