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Online Backup
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Advanced Security

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5 Minute Setup

Ultimate Protection

Retention Control

Unlimited Restores

No Restore Delays

No File Size Limits

Incremental Backup

File Delta Backup

XP, 2003, Vista

Mac, Linux, UNIX

Online Backup     

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Secure online data backup for business/home computer users.

Never lose another computer file.

Get EpsysOBS secure offsite backup today! EpsysOBS professional online data backup services provide secure data backup and recovery for small and medium-sized businesses as well as home and home-office customers. Your data is automatically encrypted and backed up to redundant secure offsite data storage vaults. EpsysOBS brings you the most advanced security, reliability, and advanced data backup technology. Get professional quality secure online backup at affordable prices.

Secure & Affordable Online Backup Services
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  • Fast UK Datacentre
  • Encrypted Data Protection
  • Online Control Panel
  • MS Volume Shadow Copy
  • Database Backup Agents
  • MS Exchange Backup

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Secure Online Backup Service

  • Fully automatic offsite data backup
  • Set your own data retention policies
  • No hardware or software to purchase
  • Extremely easy to setup and use
  • Low cost, no contract

Backup your important files, documents, spreadsheets, digital photo's and MP3 files to a safe and secure off-site data vault. With EpsysOBS your data is stored in a professionally managed datacenter with state-of-the-art security and redunancy. It only takes a few minutes to setup an account and start protecting your valuable data. Create your own plan that fits your needs and your budget. Your data will be backed up automatically, every day. Your data is online and available to be restored immediately at anytime 24x7. There is no better solution for backing up and recovering the data on your computers.

This is not your typical cheap or free online backup service. All EpsysOBS plans provide the same security and controls over your data as large corporations. Your data is stored encrypted and you control the access. You have complete control over schedules and retention polices. EpsysOBS was designed to provide professional offsite data backup for businesses that require high security. Low cost plans for home and small businesses.

Other backup systems do not offer the same level of protection against virtually any disaster. Now is the time take advantage of online data backup and recovery technology and get 100% safe and reliable offsite backups with almost no effort.

Double Protection

When your data is backed-up using EpsysOBS secure online data backup services, your data is actually stored in 2 completely separate secure offsite data centers. Twice the protection for the same price. You backup once, and a second backup copy is automatically created for extra protection.

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